New Principal: Mrs. Jenifer Rayne

posted Dec 10, 2018, 7:11 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Jasmine Richardson

    Former Assistant Principal, Jenifer Rayne is now the “proud principal of Pocomoke High School.” For this school year she aims for many “individual, collective triumphs, celebrations” and is prepared for many “productive struggles.”

    She expresses that, “Pocomoke City Pride is second to none, and that there are so many reasons to be Warrior Proud.”

    She believes that “Pocomoke High School students possess the grit, determination, perseverance, and resilience to be amazing in anything they set out to accomplish.”

    Principal Rayne also explained how she is, “ready to support students and families” and intends on “promoting continuous and open communication and building family partnerships.”

     Students feel that Principal Rayne has made an “attempt to make new changes throughout the school” and that “she works with teachers to make sure education is where it needs to be in order to be successful.”  

    Also students explain that, “she is open to new things and that she cares about students and staff. "She is friendly to everyone. Another student says that, “I like the new principal because she doesn’t put people down and she always shows a smile.”

   Although  this is her first year as principal at Pocomoke High, Principal Rayne is leading Pocomoke High School with the help of the Warrior community into a positive school year. And that for her first year as principal at Pocomoke High, “it will be filled with new adventures.”

    “You can see a great change in how things are done. Including caring about student’s welfare and providing structural support to the school, "said Yasmin Lopez.

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Teachers/Staff/Administration Are Great PHS

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Byren K.Motes

    The teachers at PHS are very helpful with the students and they are reliable when we need them. For example if a project has not been turned in they give us extra time to completely finish the project. The teachers at PHS they do a lot for us to make the subject fun for example Mr.Miles does labs to make the topic were learning fun. The teachers at PHS care for their students they willing to go out of they way to do what we need to get done. When the seniors that need the application done for college any teacher would be willing to do it because they want the best for the students. The gunny at PHS  wanted to do something fun for cadets he got a rugby coach to teach the cadets about the sport he takes a part of his personal time do that thanks to him the cadets are playing rugby.

    The guidance counselors we owe a lot of thanks to them because every semester we put them through a lot with class changes and it’s stressful to them even tho the same people go back and back but they still do it for us. And some of the teachers are coaches, take their time teach the students about the sport. And they special ED staff does a great job of helping the students with accommodations and special needs.

    The administration every year they come up with something new and fun for example new dances and new activities, and Mrs.Wallace came up with “your 60” which we have a hour to do what we want either recreation and arts or catch up with our work and with this students have a greater chance of passing the classes that they’re failing. Everyday is a wonderful at PHS.

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New Teacher Mrs.Hearn

posted Nov 9, 2017, 7:48 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By:Michaela Redden

    Being a new student can be hard to deal with, making new friends, learning how everything works and whatnot. But being a new teacher can be just as stressful. Having to make lesson plans, dealing with new students and getting involved in school groups and events.

    For teacher Stephanie Hearn it has been one crazy filled week of lots of questions. Hearn is coming from teaching a middle school to a high school. “It's a big change but I like it, being able to help students prepare for the future.” Hearn says.

      Hearn also mentions that it been an adjustment coming to a new school and having to teach three new classes, getting use to the students and the way things flow around here. Hearn say, she always knew she wanted to come back here and teach as she grew up here and went to school here “it's home” she states.

    Hearn isn't like most new teachers who might try to fly under the radar and gets use to everything first, no Hearn dived head in first taking on planning homecoming, SGA, working the concession stand for games and summer and after-school academies.

     “I'm excited for the AP Test as it will allow me to see what I need to work on more and do a better job at teaching so that the students will understand it.” Hearn says.

     With the help of Mrs.Harte and Ms.Ott, Hearn is able to face anything that comes here way. “They are my angels any questions I have, I go to them” she states.


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