New Teacher Mrs.Hearn

posted Nov 9, 2017, 7:48 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By:Michaela Redden

    Being a new student can be hard to deal with, making new friends, learning how everything works and whatnot. But being a new teacher can be just as stressful. Having to make lesson plans, dealing with new students and getting involved in school groups and events.

    For teacher Stephanie Hearn it has been one crazy filled week of lots of questions. Hearn is coming from teaching a middle school to a high school. “It's a big change but I like it, being able to help students prepare for the future.” Hearn says.

      Hearn also mentions that it been an adjustment coming to a new school and having to teach three new classes, getting use to the students and the way things flow around here. Hearn say, she always knew she wanted to come back here and teach as she grew up here and went to school here “it's home” she states.

    Hearn isn't like most new teachers who might try to fly under the radar and gets use to everything first, no Hearn dived head in first taking on planning homecoming, SGA, working the concession stand for games and summer and after-school academies.

     “I'm excited for the AP Test as it will allow me to see what I need to work on more and do a better job at teaching so that the students will understand it.” Hearn says.

     With the help of Mrs.Harte and Ms.Ott, Hearn is able to face anything that comes here way. “They are my angels any questions I have, I go to them” she states.


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