Can Graffiti Be Considered Art?

posted Nov 17, 2017, 7:30 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Madison Ramos

    For most people art is expressed in different ways but today's question is can graffiti be considered art?    Shannon Doyne said “I don’t know what art is, but….” People have been finishing this sentence with “I know what I like” or “I know it when I see it” for a long, long time.” Art is different meanings to everyone and is expressed in different ways in one own opinion.

    Doyne said “How do you define “art”? It is something that shows mastery, has stood the test of time, speaks for the era in which it was created, is valued by the masses, is not valued by the masses–or something else?”

    The graffiti artist Banksy’s work is immediately recognizable: clever, funny, sometimes political stencils and artworks that have popped up on walls (and occasionally in museums and galleries) in cities around the world giant rats clutching paint brushes or umbrellas or boom boxes to Banksy’s graffiti is art to him and that is one way he expresses himself.

    Doyne said “What they have in common is a coy playfulness — a desire to goad viewers into rethinking their surroundings, to acknowledge the absurdities of closely held preconceptions.” In some views to people graffiti is a art made like every other artistic vision as every other artist. But the question is what is art to you?

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Edited by: Marcdalinda Lochard