Dog Sleds Down Hill

posted Jan 23, 2018, 8:57 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Noel Houston

    An Australian shepherd name Secret was seen on tape sledding down a hill with her purple sled by herself. She dragged the sled in her mouth and when she reached the top of the hill she hops on the sled and slides down.

    Mary, the dog’s owner recorded a video of her dog having a good time sledding down the hill. She also wrote a post on her instagram saying, “We finally got enough snow to really sled yesterday and Secret couldn’t be more thrilled! It’s definitely one of her favorite activities, she probably went down this hill 50 times today!”

    Mary also stated in another post that Secret is three years old and has been learning tricks since December 31, 2014. She knows how to do more than sled, such as decorating a Christmas tree, yoga, painting, etc.

    The video that Mary posted had been viewed over 190,000 times. She also posted another video of her and Secret decorating their Christmas tree.

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Edited by: 1/23/18