Do People Complain Too Much?

posted Nov 17, 2017, 7:19 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Madison Ramos

    Shannon Doyne said “An organization called A Complaint Free World is trying to help people give up the habit of what it deems a toxic form of communication. Do you feel that this is a good goal to have? Do you think complaining is bad for those who do it and those who listen to other people complain?”  The main question is do people complain too much? Today we are going to get some in tell on the topic Do People Complain Too Much write by Shannon Doyne.

    Doyne said “In the article “Complaining Is Hard to Avoid, but Try to Do It With a Purpose” Alina Tugend writes about the good and bad in voicing our dissatisfaction.” the truth is people in this time of age and day complain all the time about everything, people even complain when they try no to, “Not many people believe we will ever have a world devoid of complaints. Nor should we.” But in this time complains are used in negative and positive ways for people, “Some complaints serve as an icebreaker or a bonding experience.”

    For example, “Complaining about a late bus with other riders, for instance, “creates kind of a solidarity,” she said. “I’ve made friends that way.” That’s a positive how complaining affected people, but in most ways complaining is a negative for people toward other people or objects in different situations in everyday life. Some people use complaining as a down fall and other use it to bond with others and other just can stop complaining in everyday life.


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