Farewell Mrs.Becker

posted Jan 24, 2018, 7:23 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Jan 24, 2018, 7:26 AM ]

By:Michaela Redden

    Pocomoke High says farewell to Mrs.Becker as she moves onto bigger things. Mrs.Becker has worked in this school for over 5 ½ years,sitting and keeping track of

students attendance. However, that's not all that she has done in this school. Mrs.Becker also helped coach Girls Basketball, Outdoor Track and Volleyball.

    Ashleigh Dillon who is a Junior here said “It's going to be weird here not seeing her everyday sitting at her station.” It’s not just students who will feel the lost here,

Mr.McQuaid also shares that she will be miss but is “glad she is doing what she really wants to do.”

    “I didn't even know that she got a new job, I thought she was just sick until I had asked her daughter and she told me she had got a

new job” shared Michaela Redden who was very close to her. To people here she can be described as quiet but nice with a bubbly personality.

    Luckily she hasn't gone that far and still is apart of the Warrior family just at a different level of schooling. She will now be at Pocomoke Middle School helping prepare

students there who are considering join a sports team once they get to high school. This is great for her as well for Pocomoke as now kids will have a chance to know

what they are getting themselves into once they join a team and what is required of them.

    As it was once said “Every Ending Has A New Beginning”. So as Pocomoke High says Farewell to its own they also wish her nothing but the best at her new job.



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