Florida couple’s ‘getaway’ tree house has to come down

posted Jan 23, 2018, 6:41 AM by PHS Warrior Beat
By: Noel Houston

     After supreme court declined to hear Lynn Tran’s and Richard Hazen’s case, the couple must take down their ‘getaway’ two-story tree house. The couple

spent six months and $30,000 to build it. The treehouse was built in 2011 after being told by city officials, they didn’t need a permit to construct.
    After doing some research and receiving complaints, the city determined that the couple needed a permit to construct their tree house.
 The couple paid thousands to keep up their treehouse, including a daily fine of $50.
    The couples’ lawyer, David Levin, stated that his client’s rights were violated when a Florida court “rubber stamped” a ruling proposed by Holmes Beach
officials without any evidence of independent consideration. Tran previously told WTSP it would be “hard to think about” the possibility of the Supreme
Court not taking their case, adding the couple “didn’t do anything wrong.” The chances of the supreme court taking the couples case wasn’t very high
to start. They are known to take only 80 of the thousands that are requested.


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