Has @#$&*! Lost its Shock Value

posted Nov 17, 2017, 7:23 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By:Madison Ramos

     Over time cursing was a very uncommon thing to do years ago, and now over time cursing has grown become a common thing for people to do in this time of age in the world. It's become a common thing for teenagers, pre-teens, some children, and some adults as well.

    We got some in tell on some opinions for others on their opinion  on the shock value of curse words.. According to a respond on .. “ Obviously kids have been exposed: All kids these days have experienced someone using "colorful" language, whether it be in school, on the bus, at home, or with friends. We have all become accustomed to hearing swears in our everyday life. The younger population is starting to catch on, so swears have definitely lost their shock value.” was one of the negative comment.

    But one of the somewhat positive comment according to…. “Not When Used Properly: When a well timed and appropriate curse word is used, and by the correct speaker, curse words can absolutely maintain their shock value. For example, after a little too much eggnog this Christmas, my grandmother let the mother of all f-bombs fly across the table, and we were all totally shocked.”

    Curse words have came a long way since back in day.. Back then cursing when not really common thing to do like it is now.. Back in the day cursing was usually shone upon and now everyone use curse words all the time.


Edited By:Marcdalinda Lochard