Have More Incentives here at PHS

posted Feb 21, 2018, 7:32 AM by PHS Warrior Beat
 By:Piajah Johnson

    A lot of students complain about about our school not having a lot of incentives. But what they don’t know is that they have a say in what incentives they would like to have. While talking to the leader of SGA Stephanie Hearne states that “ We’re always open to students , staff , and administrators suggestions as to what incentives they would like to have here at PHS. “

     “ Mostly trying to update Student Government and get more students excited about different events”

    Trying to promote SGA a little bit more to have a better turn out. It has been mentioned on our morning announcements. Also during lunch shifts. SGA is opened to all students. But with Hearne being a new teacher here at Pocomoke High School less people know her which makes it hard on her getting people to join. SGA is mainly made up of students that she’s had here at PHS.

      “ I have a little background of SGA”

     Having a little background of SGA places Hearne in a good place as to someone trying to start something new and not knowing what to do. In order to make student council you have to have a lot of events so that students realize what SGA is. Most students think that administration is in control of the events we have here and that’s not the case.

     SGA is trying to expand in our community here in Pocomoke Maryland. Coming up they have a event at the soup kitchen. Offering free soup and differents kinds of food to our community , whether it be the homeless or someone just walking past and getting a nice meal. Organizing the event is the hardest part. Money, set up , decorations , and rental of the buildings.

     I believe if more students knew that they had a input in what goes on here at PHS. It would be a fun time at events instead of having to cancel events because of lack of interest. Better turnouts with more advertising means more fun here at our school.

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