posted Oct 18, 2017, 7:50 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Justin Cunha

    Sophomore at Pocomoke High School, Wyatt McGee, is looking forward to homecoming. This will be is second year being able to go. He is bringing is friend from Snow Hill High School as his “date”. His name is Deyton Dean, also a sophomore, but plays football for his high school team.

    McGee expects there to be a lot of people dancing in a huge circle with their date. He also expects there to be a lot of upbeat music/ dancing songs. For example, McGee had said, “ I expect the DJ to play songs like the “Cupid Shuffle” so people have something to dance to.”  

    He was asked, “ What do you not want to see this year at homecoming that was there last year? ” McGee had responded with, “ I don’t want there to be the same song genres the whole time.” He thinks besides hip hop, and rap, there should also be country as a song genre. Even if there is only a couple of songs that are country it would make his trip at homecoming better.

    Although McGee is going to homecoming, he had mentioned “ Most of the things you do for spirit week is not for me, therefore i will not do most of them. For example, i don’t really think dressing up a lot unless there is a special occasion.” A lot of people do not do spirit but still go to homecoming so it is okay that he is not doing it either.

    McGee also had mentioned “ I also think it is cool about the chik-fil-a being a food option, but i really don’t think people will be eating that, because they will be eating beforehand with their date.”


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