Homecoming Thoughts

posted Oct 18, 2017, 7:46 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Chris Sanders

    Homecoming is one of the two formal dances Pocomoke High School has throughout the year so it will be a big deal to the students and a lot of the students come to homecoming. Homecoming is a place where all come together to have a good time and bond by having fun.

    Homecoming over the few years i’ve been to have been pretty good but everyone has a different opinion on things. Some people said that the music wasn't good enough or the lighting was bad or there wasn't enough freedom. Carlos says this would make a homecoming feel more like a homecoming, “A good DJ, a good theme, food, and a better formal entrance”.

    I have to agree with him on all of that stuff. Especially the food and the formal entrance. If it's a form of a formal dance you need to be able to have a form of entrance. If you have food there then more people would come to it because everyone loves food!

    Some other things that would make homecoming better was said, “The temperature gets really hot inside”. Or, “Better lights for better scenery, so it gives it a better mood”. Different modifications can give an atmosphere a different mood.

    Different opinions were explained about the time to have a better mood, “8-11pm” Carlos says, but others say that now is an alright time to have it. Carlos likes that time because it gives it more of a party feel since its later at night.

    There are many improvements that can be made to have a better homecoming but most opinions are good about homecoming because it's a good incentive to start the year off right.

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