Learning different things and in different ways at School

posted Feb 23, 2018, 7:15 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Mar 7, 2018, 7:10 AM ]

By: Shawn D Taylor


     In school today there are many different things you can learn that you didn’t know before and there are many different ways. Some ways you can learn at school can be verbally, physically and mentally. Students and teachers can learn digitally using a computer or IPad or even a phone, you can also go back to using paper and pencil also.

     Many students prefer to learn through using digital devices because it can show examples of things being built for that specific class. Students can look at math problems online on the computer to help them solve problems and when they are done they can check their work to see what mistakes they made and how they can get better and correct them.

      When teachers see the evaluation of their work and the impact of it underpinned and any type of evaluation this can be good for improvement and professional development. The School would find that the teachers too are open to their own personal growth and learning from mistakes that they make.

       “Thought Australia, we have teachers who are performing at extraordinarily high levels, which essentially means they are making the maximum impact on their students and their students education” said by John Hattie. Students learning is important but also the teachers learning is important to the school systems. “The use of technology in schools helps students understand what their teachers are talking about in class it gives resources and systems, it improves instruction and personalized learning, blended learning is also good for students to give face to face learning in schools which is good for younger kids in school for them to understand different concepts in learning.The most common type of way to learn its digital learning.

    “48 states and the District of Columbia currently support online learning opportunities that range from supplementing classroom instruction on an occasional basis to enrolling students in full-time programs. These opportunities include dual enrollment, credit recovery, and summer school programs, and can make courses such as Advanced Placement and honors, or remediation classes available to students” said by there are different ways that kids can learn, this shows that schools all over the nation are using digital learning or some sort of strategies to help kids learn.


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