New Business Booming in Pocomoke

posted Mar 8, 2018, 7:27 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Samantha Dingus

    Two Pocomoke High School students have created their own landscaping business. About two weeks ago, senior, Brayden Hurley, and junior, Shawn Taylor decided to start a business cleaning up people’s yards, doing different types of landscaping.

    Spring is quickly approaching and everyone is starting to think about getting their lawns looking good for the season.

    “Spring time is approaching and this is the time when people are willing to spend the money to have their yards look nice, I wanted to fix up yards and make good money,” Hurley says.

    “The business started two weeks ago and the business is already booming,” says Taylor.

     Hurley and Taylor named the business Outside Unlimited with the slogan “We get our hands dirty instead of yours.”

    To get the business to be seen, Hurley created a business Facebook page, an Instagram account, and had business cards made. After having the Facebook page for about a week they were contacted by a couple from New Jersey who have a vacation house around here, about a mulching job. They scheduled the job for the following Saturday.

    “It took us about six hours to complete the job and I thought we did a pretty good job, the yard turned out to look really nice,” Hurley said.

    After posting pictures of their first job, they were contacted by many more people who wanted their yards fixed up. They are now completely booked for the month of March.

    “I think the business will continue to be very successful because we are constantly being booked,” Hurley said.

    “People want their yards fixed up and seem to really like our quality work,” said Taylor.

    They have job offerings in three different counties. Hurley and Taylor both have hopes that Outside Unlimited will continue to be a successful business.

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