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By: Shawn Taylor

    Pocomoke high school over the years has had drastic changes in the different kinds of foods. What does this food do for us? Does it help us become healthier or does it give us bad health? School lunches have different calories and reduced fats in each different food.

    “ The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act took place in the year 2012 the meals were greasy, salty and really sauced up. Now meals must be lower in fat, lower in sodium, lower in calories. They must contain lean proteins, fruits and vegetables and whole grains,” said NY

     Students across the world loved the school foods before the change because the lunches were really good and it was real food, but it was called junk food. Students in school loved the school lunches that were already present. Different food directors are saying that all the trash cans are overflowing with receipts because children toss out the healthier foods and go for the foods they originally had in school.

      “Healthier lunches in school limited sodium content in schools, all grain meals are 100 percent rich grains, Vitamin A and Vitamin C were increased drastically and every student participated in it about 46 v 47 percent,” said by

       Healthier school lunches can result in a county or schools cost to afford these healthy foods, “ there is a chance that there are more wasted foods with a big cost, the required milk has to be fat free milk but is it in the “ fat is evil” hypothesis, there would be drastic decline in the food that is ate in school”. So if a school was to get school lunches that were healthy it would be good because it saves lives and gives better health to people but has its bad effects because it can bea waste of money for a school and cause anger of the  student’s parents.


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