Pocomoke High School's New Your 60 Program

posted Mar 9, 2018, 7:35 AM by PHS Warrior Beat
By: McKenzie Mitchell
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   Pocomoke High School has had many new programs and activities arise in the 2017 to 2018 school year. Students at Pocomoke High have been given many great opportunities throughout the years and another has been created.

   The Your 60 program allows for students to have a whole hour from each school day to work on school work, get help from teachers, practice a variety of sports, and even sit back and relax with friends.

   Natalie Crisafulli, a senior at Pocomoke High School, discussed what she does with her time during Your 60 and how she feels about having the program.

   “I usually eat lunch and then play catch phrase in Mrs. Castaneda’s room. I love the program! I think it is good to have a little break in the middle of the day and take some time for myself.”

   Pocomoke High School is one of three schools in the Worcester County Public School system. The other two schools, Snow Hill High School and Stephen Decatur High neither have a Your 60 program according to Dr. Annette Wallace, Pocomoke High’s principal.

   Cali Litton another Pocomoke High School said, “I usually do homework and work on scholarships during Your 60. It makes me happy that I have an hour to be productive on stuff that I would not have time to do at home.”

   Your 60 may be beneficial for students, but it is also beneficial for teachers. Mrs. Harte, the chemistry and DE chemistry teacher, weighed in on the schools Your 60 program.

   Harte said, “I appreciate the whole hour. I can get my papers graded and help out any of my student who need help with their chemistry work.”

   Pocomoke High School’s Your 60 program has been a big success. The school is changing every year from the staff’s ideas and new technology being brought in. It is safe to say that the next school year will bring bigger and better programs like Your 60.

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