Should Marijuana Be Legal?

posted Nov 17, 2017, 7:14 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Madison Ramos

    One question you can ask yourself should Marijuana be legal?

Michael Gonchar said “Eighteen states have legalized marijuana for medical use.”

    Should it be legal for medical use all over the United States? Should it also be legal for recreational use for consumers who are 21 and over, as Washington and Colorado have allowed?

    Gonchar said “In general, do you think the current federal prohibition on marijuana is good public policy or not? Why?”

    What do you think about Marijuana? Is is a positive or negative outcome and affect for people, Gonchar said “A comprehensive report on drug policy in the America’s released Friday by a consortium of nations suggests that the legalization of marijuana, but not other illicit drugs, be considered among a range of ideas to reassess how the drug war is carried out.”

    For people who really need it as a medication and uses it when need is a positive outcome for people with sickness. But here are some people in today's world that use Marijuana as a drug just to get high for fun in everyday life.

   But what do you think about Marijuana be Legalized? How do you feel about this topic? And what do you think should happen?


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