Small Schools Aren't Always Bad

posted Mar 16, 2018, 7:26 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

Small Schools Aren’t Always Bad

By: Piajah Johnson

    Going to a small school isn’t always bad. When attending a small school it seems like your able to be safer rather than being in a building with 300,000 kids and having a hard time going to classes, and leaving out to go home.  Compared to a small capacity of 336 kids here at Pocomoke High School. While talking to sophomore, Atlanta Schoolfield she states that she’s been going to school here for two years and she loves it.

    Some people don’t like going to a small school. Either because it’s not a lot of people, don’t have a lot to choose from, and you know everyone and sometimes that’s not always a good thing. Being able to meet different people is a plus.

    “ I’ve been going to school here for months since I’m a freshman, but I don’t like going to school here, only because it’s very little people here and I know everyone.” says Ashlee Gale

    Transferring from a small school to a big school could be a huge adjustment. You may think you have as much time to get to class as you at your other school, space is very little in the cafeteria, the hallways are more narrow, there’s definitely less teachers, and less officers in our building. “ I’ve went to Bennett Middle which is bigg

er than Pocomoke High School and I loved it, I had more friends. States Schoolfield

    Safety measures have to be taken when the school is in danger. Lock down drills, fire drills, and sometimes in bigger cities tornado drills. Getting out of the school will be harder with a lot more students. “ I will feel safer in a bigger school, it's more places to hide if something bad were to happen, and I may be able to get out faster.” says Gale

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