Spirit Week

posted Oct 18, 2017, 7:27 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Chris Sanders

    Every year the school has a week of celebration and activities for homecoming week. Homecoming games and different days where you wear spontaneous clothing and afterschool activities. A lot of the school participates when spirit week comes around, “It’s a free and fun week”, says senior Tatyana Waters, who is someone who participates in spirit week a lot.

    “Yes I participate in spirit week, around 4 out of the 5 different spirit days that we have through spirit week”. If there was no participation then we wouldn't have a reason to do spirit week. The students thank the staff for letting us have a spirit week and the staff thanks us for participating.

    Hopefully the staff would never shut down the idea of spirit week for it is very good and fun incentive for the school. I talked to junior Michaela Redding about how she would feel if spirit week was ended, “It would be upsetting, because we’ve had it for such a long time and it helps kick start the hypeness for homecoming and adds fun”.

    The days during the week while we are in classes are usually pep rallies at the end of the day and wearing special things on the days that you’re suppose to. This years 5 spirit days are “Mix-match Monday, Time Warp Tuesday, Walk the Red Carpet Wednesday, Throwdown Thursday, Warrior Pride Day”. Get prepared now to participate for these days.

    “I usually talk to my friends and make sure i'm not participating by myself”, says Michaela. To add on how to get ready for spirit week Tatyana also says, “I prepare the night before by laying out my clothes and getting my idea together”.

10/18/17 Edited By ML