Technology vs. Learning

posted Nov 17, 2017, 7:31 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Marcdalinda Lochard

    As time goes by, technology has improved itself. Today we can walk in a class at any school and you'll notice that there are no more chalk boards, it's all about technology. Life will be an open phone test, our generation will be the first to have access of knowledge and other things in our pockets. We are using our devices on a daily bases like to connect, create and also to learn.

    Is there such a thing as having too much tech? “ Technology is difficult and is taking over our lives, and it also has an effect on learning, said Anonda Hardy, a senior at Pocomoke High.” School districts spent a lot of money on wiring classrooms, on smart boards, and purchasing laptops and iPads so students will have more access to technology. The purpose of all this is that these devices will increase student learning somehow.  

    Having all theses technology given to students can probably be helpful to some of them. Technology makes teaching and learning more meaningful and fun to students. When a teacher has access to the internet, there are a lot of things that they find online for their students to do and keep their students entertained and not fall asleep. Not only is technology good for students but it's also a good thing for parents. They can go to a school or class website and see what their child is working on, they can contact teachers through email and web sites, and they can even check their child’s attendance and grades through online school systems. “ The benefit of having  technology around us in school would be the quick access to research anything, said Hardy.”

    Technology might also come in the way of some older kids. For students that are given ipads or laptops at school,  it can come in the way of learning and they might be too distracted to pay attention. “Yes students are paying more attention to what's going on in their phones rather than what the teachers are saying, said Hardy.” Many kids used their devices given to them from the school not for schoolwork only, but also to play games, go on social media and download apps, music and also movies. Even though technology is taking over and making learning more fun, it can also come in between learning.

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