The Impact that Seniors Have on Underclassmen

posted May 10, 2018, 7:23 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By : Piajah Johnson


    Pocomoke High School has its flaws, yet it also has it’s good moments. The different group of seniors every year really determines how the school year will go. Only because the underclassmen look up to the seniors , because they know that anything that the seniors do, they want to do to. While talking to Sophomore's Atlanta Schoolfield and Teirra Thomas they informed me about a certain someone that they think has, had a big impact on them and that is Piajah Johnson.

    “ Piajah Has had a positive impact on me here at pocomoke in her senior year not only because she’s a friend, but because she’s taught me a lot about life and

many obstacles that I can get through, and most +important to never give up even though I wanted to plenty of times.” Says Thomas.

    Having someone to be there for you during your high school career and to dish out positive feedback about high school and some valuable life lessons to help you push through, Johnson  Has taken it upon herself to do just that she wouldn't give the advice if she hadn't experienced it first hand.

      “ Giving me advice to be successful not only in school but in life period, Johnson has always told me don’t wait to 

do things st the last minute or even your grades matter so keep them up.” States  Schoolfield.

    Getting advice from seniors is all fine and dandy, but to get advice from the younger generation and for them to give you words of encouragement means a lot, and young people tend to have a lot of wisdom, Because most go through a lot in their childhood, and it’s a lot of hardship when your young.

    “ Some advice to the outgoing seniors would be to just get out of high school and to do the right thing, Keep all positive vibes and don’t let anything get in your way of YOUR SUCCESS.” According to Thomas.

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