Therapy Dog At School?

posted Oct 18, 2017, 8:34 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Oct 26, 2017, 7:04 AM ]

By: Noel Houston

     Pocomoke High School has had a therapy dog for almost over a year. Rudy, a 7 year old golden retriever, has been making differences around Pocomoke High by relieving the stress of students who are stressed including other staff members. Ever since Rudy’s first day as a staff member at Pocomoke High School, there has been more positivity in the school and more students coming into school with a smile. Students and staff love him.

     “I feel that having a therapy dog at school is calming because Rudy is one of the first dogs I've liked.” sophomore, September Morris said. “Having a therapy dog brings positivity into the school.”

     According to DelMarVa’s Premier Source For News, Opinion, Analysis, and Human Interest,  Annette Wallace, principal of Pocomoke High School, thought that having a therapy dog would create a difference at Pocomoke High and it did.You’d wonder why would any school need or want a therapy dog? But have you ever thought that maybe something such as a therapy dog could make a change for students and(or) staff members who are under a lot of stress, and are in need of loving hand or paw. Rather than spilling out their emotions and still feeling the same built up anger they struggle to let go.

     Why not have a therapy dog, who can put a smile on an upset students’ face?

     “Rudy has calmed me down from being angry with other students.” September said. “I used to be afraid of dogs, I’m not anymore but it wasn’t because of Rudy.” Everyday Rudy is putting a smile on everyone’s face throughout the day and everyday the students and staff are making Rudy feel welcome and happy to act as a therapy dog here at Pocomoke High School.

“The school shouldn’t get rid of Rudy, he hasn’t harmed anyone or anything.” September said.

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