Welcoming Rudy To Pocomoke High School

posted Mar 8, 2018, 6:47 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Mar 9, 2018, 7:24 AM ]

By: Piajah Johnson


    Who knew that a therapy dog could have such an impact on a school like Rudy has at Pocomoke High School. Having newsletters sent out about having rudy come to Pocomoke High school was like a new beginning here at school. Something that would benefit everyone in a positive way. Rudy is a therapy dog and he’s here to make people happy. That’s exactly what he does.

    Our Principal Dr. Wallace had the idea of bringing a therapy dog here. “ I’m not really sure how the idea came about but there is a lot of benefits to having a therapy dog in a school.” States Jessica Bova one of the guidance counselors here and Rudy’s owner.

    Everyone here loves Rudy. In fact days that he isn't around all you here in the hallways is

“ Where’s Rudy?.” T

hat shows that people really care for him and appreciate him. “Yes Rudy has made a positive impact here students and staff love him and he returns the same affection.”    

    Rudy isn't scheduled to come here everyday he comes when ever he feels like it. It isn't a job it's an option and he comes everyday except when he’s not feeling to well.Rudy is the only dog in Worcester county school districts that comes all day long. They have other therapy dogs but they only come half of a day or come at the end of the day for after school. It’s okay for Rudy to come all day long because he has his own bed, so he can take naps whenever needed.

    The student body didn't really have a say in whether we would like to have a therapy dog here or not, but it’s okay we all learned to love him and appreciate him for keeping us happy around school and making sure we’re in a good mood. “Rudy brighten up days is always the best part of my day.” States Piajah Johnson”


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