2017-2018 Girls Basketball Team Ends Their Journey

posted Mar 1, 2018, 7:46 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Diamonique Taylor

    Pocomoke Girls Basketball Team had a great season. Their ending record of the regular season was 10-11, defeating Snow Hill in their last game 51-5. The Lady Warriors then went into the first round of playoffs,  hopes high, not knowing that it would be their last game.

    “ I didn’t think that we would get kicked out of playoffs this early. I thought we would atleast get to the 3rd round of playoffs. Hopes were high but our minds weren’t there,” stated Piajah Johnson.

    In basketball, no matter what your regular season record was you must go into playoffs with the same mindset and intensity for each game. Playoffs is somewhat like a clean slate for everyone. However, one loss could kick you out for good.

    “Going into playoffs i knew we would have to play together as a team to win together. We would just have to take it one game at a time,” said Mia Kinsey.

    Playing in the game of basketball, at team must work together. They must have some type of bond that allows them to be able to work together on the court and have a family like bond to be able to believe in one another in a game.

    “ Players that didn’t usually play a lot stepped up and played very well and the team did well with keeping their composure,” stated coach Corey Zimmer.

    “We’ve  always had some type of bond off the court as friends, but we wouldn’t have a good bond on the court because we would all get frustrated. Towards the end of the season we started to change that,” stated Kinsey.

     Some people say practice how you play. The Lady Warriors practiced everyday after school 3-4:30 p.m. In order to pull through to go far in the playoff games, they would have to work hard in practice.

    “ I think the amount of effort put into practice did have an effect on our game because we could’ve did a lot more things in practice that would help us on game day. Some of us didn’t take practice serious at times,” said Kinsey.

    To be prepared for a big game such as one in playoffs a team has to go in with the mindset of winning. They must be physically prepared and mentally prepared.

    “I don’t think that we were mentally prepared for the game. I personally had received a bad call on that day and my head wasn’t in the game. We also went into the game a little too cocky,” stated Johnson

    Through the Lady Warriors’ obstacles in the first round of playoffs, they still managed to play with heart and to never give up.

    “I believe our biggest downfall was that we had foul trouble. 2 girls fouled out and we had no subs,” stated Coach Zimmer.


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