Are Athletes Overusing Thier Muscles and Causing Injuries at a Young Age?

posted Feb 20, 2018, 7:36 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Cristen Quillen

    McKenzie Mitchell is a senior at Pocomoke High School, who needs surgery on her right foot if she wants to take her sports career to the next level.

    “I have always had problems with my foot, including four stress fractures since freshman year, so when my foot started bothering me after this hockey season I decided to get it looked at by a doctor and discovered that my sesmoine bone in my foot has been the source of the problem and I need it removed,” stated Mitchell.

    Most athletes play more than one sport in high school which allows for them to stay active and in shape when its off season for their main sport but it also teaches athletes sportsmanship and a hard working mentality.

    Mitchell stated, “I play both softball and field hockey but field hockey is my main sport and what i will be playing in college next year. Unfortunately I believe softball was the main cause for the problems in my foot”

    Sports have become so competitive in this day and age that kids are starting very young, pushing themselves, practicing everyday, and playing games on top of that, but some coaches are convincing kids that is the only way to be successful in the future.

    “I am going to be completely, honest the reason my foot is so messed up is because of overuse. Even though field hockey is my mian sport i spent every summer playing travel softball in which I caught almost every game each weekend,” said Mitchell.

    Athletes will even tell you themselves that overuse is a big issue that leads to injuries and that could be a huge issue that needs to be controlled with upcoming athletes.   

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