Baseball Season Fast Approaching

posted Feb 21, 2018, 7:07 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Brayden Hurley

    Baseball season is fast approaching, with pitchers and catchers reporting just the other day for Spring Training. Players have already started to train and come up with ideas to benefit the future season.

    “I am looking forward to this upcoming season because of the talent we have on the team should take us to the top” said Shawn Taylor Jr., a Junior on Pocomoke’s baseball team.

    Pocomoke baseball started their training in January on every tuesday. The training consists on running, throwing, pitching, and hitting. This was held at the YMCA and Instructed by Ryan Hurley, Shawn Taylor, and Garry Hancock. The program was made to get players arms ready to go for the rigourse practices and season that takes a toll on your whole arm. Also for new players to come and gain new skills before tryouts occur on March 1st.

    The team has been discussing new apparel for the upcoming season, such as cage jackets, shorts, and two new style hats. The idea is to get them embroidered to remember the 2018 season as a whole.

    The team is expecting to have over twenty players try out to be on the varsity team. Thankfully many have come out to the YMCA to showcase their skills in front of voices to the coaches.

    The baseball team has 6 starting seniors on the team. That fills up two thirds of the players on the field. They are accepting any players willing to try out to build their skills up and work with the seniors to be better for next year where their chances to playto play will be very high.

    The team will be holding a field clean up day here soon to get the field back in shape for practices and play. They are hoping to change the dugout situation so that they get the first base dugout and the away team gets the third base side so that the away team does not see their pitching before it is game time.

    The baseball team is looking for a good outcome on their season, best of luck to them.



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