Basketball Season Is On A Rise

posted Nov 9, 2017, 7:56 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

Basketball Season Is On A Rise

By: Avion Gale

   Basketball season is on the rise and players have been working all year for this moment to play basketball once again. The sign up sheet is full with new players that want to show coach what they have so they can help benefit the team. But do prepare yourself for the new season you have to be physically and mentally ready for whatever happens this season. “ Just focusing on what I need to do when I step out on the the court is how I get myself mentally ready,” said Gabe Nock.

   Every team get other players from different schools to come join their team so every year could be different. There could be bigger and stronger players from before that switch to a different school. When it comes to those type of games, some people can’t handle the pressure as others but Nock said “ Hearing that there are stronger and bigger players just makes me want to work even harder to try and defeat those teams.”

   The most important thing when playing a sport or doing any other extracurricular activity is how you’re going to maintain your school work during the whole season. For some people it’s hard keeping up with school because they have practice everyday or have games on certain days the have homework due. “ I maintain my school work by going to Your 60 when i need and also the team has “study hall”, where we get about an hour to work on our work,” said Nock.

    Looking at NBA players play helps a lot when trying to work on your own basketball skills because they already put the grind in and got where they wanted to be. “ Kawhi Leonard is one of the modest and quiet player but he outworks everyone who is on the court, that’s why he is my favorite player,” said Nock. Everyone has a motto for themselves it can to be always work hard, be humble, or anything that comes to mind but Nock’s motto is to work hard every second until the buzzer sounds.

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