Duke Struggles

posted Jan 18, 2019, 7:50 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Colby Speta

    With Duke’s most recent loss to an unranked Syracuse, it questions whether the Blue Devils can live up to the hype they are getting.

    The Blue Devils have struggled with injuries and sickness problems with RJ Barrett being out for Flu like symptoms and Tre Jones “suffered a shoulder sprain and could be out awhile.” reported by duke basketball Also, Zion Williamson suffered from double vision after a “Florida State guard Trent Forrest gouged his face with his fingers, hitting him in both eyes” said the news

   Looking at what injuries happened in and between the last two games the trend may continue. With Zion only playing 17 minutes against Florida State he scored 11 points while other players couldn’t do that in even 40 minutes. And only pulled out a nail biting win. With Tre Jones being out for a shoulder injury Duke loses a good ball handler that dishes out 5.7 assist via ESPN stats.

    With injuries that keep occurring for Duke, it makes people wonder will they be able to compete with the other teams. With coming near a loss to Florida State and a loss to an unranked Syracuse. Also, a lot of big games coming up for the Blue devils with number 4 Virginia and a outranked Pitt team.

    Some had said the Duke Blue Devils were going to the NCAA tournament, but with everything plagues them it seems to be far fetched. Facing off against a strong Virginia team will be a good indicator for the resilience of the team.  

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Maryland Soccer National Championship

posted Dec 14, 2018, 7:52 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

by:Colby Speta

    Maryland Men’s Soccer team won the NCAA National Championship Sunday night in Santa Barbara. They faced an unranked Arkon, and won 1-0.

    This means Maryland now has four national Championships in 1968, 2005, and 2008.

    Maryland didn’t start off as a championship team. “The one that started the year with 476 scoreless minutes? The one that started 0-2-2 and was 4-5-3 on Oct. 12? The one that wasn’t ranked all season until after the Big Ten tournament?” the Testudo Times said about the Maryland soccer team in the beginning.  

    Also the Testudo Times had something else to say about the end of the season “The defense went from good to great, helping star goalie Dayne St. Clair pitch a shutout for the final 499 minutes of the season. After that 4-5-3 start, Maryland broke out for a 9-1-1 finish.”.

    Maryland Soccer went from a shaky start to winning a National Championship.


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Duke basketball Dominance

posted Dec 13, 2018, 6:42 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By Darron Pittman 

     Duke is looking like an unstoppable team this season as expected after landing the Top 3 recruits on the ESPNs Top 100 high school basketball players list Number 1 RJ Barret, number 2 Zion Williamson and the third ranked Cam Reddish.  Duke is off to a 9-1 start losing one game to the now ranked number 1 ranked college team Gonzaga but other than that lost they have been beating many teams by 20 points or more.

     The Top 3 recruits are leading the team with RJ Barret averaging 24ppg and 7reb and Zion Williamson 20ppg and 9reb with Cam reddish putting up 14ppg and 3reb. Also players like Tre Jones who was the ranked 17th player on the ESPN top 100 players leads the team in assist and Zion and junior Marques Bolden leads the team in Blocks both averaging 2 a game. 

     This team has proven that they are dominant and that they can and will go deep into the march madness Tournament.

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Jack Montague, expelled sports star

posted May 18, 2018, 7:32 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated May 21, 2018, 6:58 AM ]

By: Shawn Taylor

   A true Scholar athlete, an ivy leaguer and a star point guard who was very smart and skilled but then his world came apart. Former yale basketball star Jack Montague is embroiled in a fight to finish his degree at the prestigious Connecticut school.

    “ Yale shows no signs of capitulating after the Title Xl sexual misconduct complaint that Montague says got him “ wrongfully” and “improperly” accused. Montague who was a former men's basketball captain made headlines in 2016 when he was expelled from school for “ penetration without consent”.

    “After yale went to their first NCAA tournament of since 1962, the lawsuit is one of at least two  gender discrimination claims against the university” said by Montague’s spokeswoman Karen Swartman said the case is slated to continue in the fall due to more evidence being discovered.

    Montague later sued Yale University so he could be readmitted back into the University so he transferred to Belmont University which is the largest Christian University in his home state of Tennessee. But Jack Montagues days of playing basketball at Yale are over with and done.

    “Montague was accused of sexual misconduct with a female who attended the University her name was Jane Doe Montague had a relationship with her in the year 2014 but this wasn't the first time the two have been brought up in court documents or been in a relationship” said by fox

    “The suit alleges the Title IX officer brought the complaint against Montague despite being told that the woman did not believe Montague head her when she tried to end their 2014 relationship, and no criminal charges were ever sought but Montague never understood why he was investigated.” Critics said that jane did not want a relationship with Montague.

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March Madness Upsets

posted Mar 23, 2018, 6:50 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Shawn Taylor

    During the month of March the college basketball tournament is held as a playoff series called March Madness. 68 teams are selected into a bracket to play for the Sweet 16 and then the Final Four.

    Just recently in the tournament the 16th ranked team UMBC had put upset on the number 1 ranked team Virginia. The UMBC Retrievers were considered one of the underdogs in the tournament .UMBC was never picked to beat virginia and was never supposed to  be in the tournament but they proved people wrong. A school of 13,839 students upset a school of 22,391 students. They beat them by 20 points and the final score was 74-54 in south regional action between the two schools.

     “Immediately following the historical victory on friday many were calling this the biggest upset in the history of the NCAA tournament.” said by “ The UMBC Retrievers became the first No. 16 seed in history of the men's tournament to beat a No.1 seed defeating UVA in the first round on friday”. Said by Virginia came into the contest thinking that it would be an easy win for them because UMBC was not a big college but they surprised them and played hard.

     Florida state upsetting comeback win vs No.1 Xavier was a very big upset in March Madness because just like Virginia Xavier was the top ranked team in the nation. They beat Xavier to punched their ticket to the sweet 16 for the first time since 2011.

    “ Florida state rallied from a 12 point deficit to come back and beat the Musketeers 75-70 on this past sunday”. “PJ Savoy came in clutch for the Seminoles during the final minutes of the game hitting a 3 pointer with 1:08 left to put Florida state up  in the second half then he hit a pair of 3’s with 21.6 seconds left to put them up 73-70 and then CJ Walker added to the score with a pair of free throws with 6.4 seconds left in the game.


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Jared Hancock going to Division 1 ODU

posted Mar 15, 2018, 7:49 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Mar 16, 2018, 6:50 AM ]

By: Shawn Taylor

      Committing to a Division 1 school is something every athlete dreams of when they start playing sports and when they are in their junior and senior year in high school. At pocomoke high school  senior Jared Hancock just recently committed to Old Dominion University on 9/3/17of last year.

      Jared said, “ ODU is close to home so my parents can come watch the games, the coaches are great, the team has a family feeling to it and it's a great program that can help me develop into a better player.” Being close to home is good for players going to college because it can be cheaper and it's better to see family and not become home sick and come back.

     Different colleges have had different players come out of the college and lot of them are MLB players now playing baseball for the rest of their life and colleges can be good for different recruits ODU can be said to have a good recruiting process Jared saying “ the coaches are great guys with proven success that makes you want to play for them”. “The program is very successful and has been for years, they have produced many great players such as Justin Verlander, Dan Hudson and many more players. He also said “ the recruiting process was hard at first to find a school with everything you wanted”. It took me a while to find a place that really says home”. “But I found that at ODU”.

     The feeling that you get when you accomplish something good in your life feels good to oneself,  it makes you feel like as if you've accomplished everything and chased your dream. It makes you as a person feel relaxed and less stressed out. Jared said “ it feels good, it gives you the feeling that some of your hard work is paying off but it's really all just getting started”.

     His SAT and ACT scores were both really good and allowed him to get accepted into ODU. His SAT was a 1070 and ACT was a 20. He finished by saying “My parents and coaches helped me the most in my recruitment process. They were all very supportive and put me in positions to have the chance to chase my dreams of playing at the next level.


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The Social media effect on recruiting for athletes

posted Mar 1, 2018, 7:46 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Shawn Taylor

    “ Social media can have a significant impact on a players college recruiting journey”. Said by Anything can be posted on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter.

    It can take a huge toll on how people view you as a person and how you get recruited, because nothing in the world id really private people are always gonna see it and have something to say about it.

     If you think about all the followers that you have on instagram or all of the friends that you have on facebook you don’t know all of them and who they are and who they send your posts to.

    Every high school student has an a Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and a Twitter account and every athlete  in there time in high school goes to parties and as an athlete when you know your getting recruited by colleges and you pst something of you drinking at a party that’s not good for a college to find out and see.

     “ College coaches today have become more active on social media so they can get in contact with a possible recruit”. “College coaches will assume that the way you act on social media is a way you act in person everyday”, said by

    Posting unnecessary things on instagram is not good for you especially if your friends share it all over social media, so if you expect to play in college for whatever you want to play you should be safe of social media and watch what you post.

    You should have common sense and as a player or recruit you need to learn and know how to handle yourself and be responsible and a coaches first impression of you starts really quick and is very important for him and you.


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Eagles winning the Superbowl

posted Feb 20, 2018, 7:36 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

Devin Martin

    The 2018 Super Bowl was held in Minneapolis where the New England Patriots faced off against the Philadelphia Eagles. During the 1st and 2nd quarter the Eagles were in the lead against the Patriots however during the 3rd quarter it looked as though the Eagles would be no more. With a finishing score of 12-7 during the 3rd quarter. The Eagles would take no more they upped their game and finished the 4th quarter with a score of 12-7. Thus winning the super bowl with a final score of 41-33. Before this game the Eagles never have won the super bowl. For as well as he played Nick Foles was named the new MVP.

    For as well as they played you would think that Tom Brady would shake hands with Nick Foles right?....Wrong Tom Brady just walked right out of the field. He has been known to shake hand with players that have beat him before so why didn’t shake hands with Foles, no one really knows. Overall the Patriots and the Eagles played a really good game.  0

The Final Four

posted Apr 4, 2017, 6:48 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Skyler Williams

    There are only 4 teams left in the NCAA tournament. The Gonzaga Bulldogs, South Carolina Gamecocks, North Carolina Tar Heels, and Oregon Ducks. Each team has a the dream to win the championship.

    But we all know only one can be the victors. These teams will play on April 1st. This could be a cinderella for the bulldogs coming into this tournament they are the No.1 seed and people expect them to win.   

    There are a lot of factors that go into the final 4 to see who will win it. Like the coaches game plan that's a huge factor

    Its big because the coaches have to come up with game plans to defend and out score the other team.

    Some other factors are the ability to stop them from shooting from the perimeter and the big men plays a role to.

     Rebounding will be huge role in these games because it could give you another chance to score or stop them from getting another chance. Having team chemistry and communicating with each other will be a vital role to see who wins the championship.

     North Carolina Tar heels has a chance to redeem themselves after losing in the finals.

They was heart broken and no what the feeling is to almost win championship so you know they definitely want to make it back and win it.

    Gonzaga, Oregon, and South Carolina all have a chance to make a name for themselves and bring the title home.

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posted Mar 24, 2017, 7:54 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Mar 24, 2017, 7:56 AM ]

By: Dani Batze

NCAA defends their original stance against North Carolina’s HB2 law and promises to not hold any of its college sports championship events in North Carolina for at least the next five years if the state’s legislature fails to repeal the anti-transgender law it passed last year.

    The HB2 is “a law that prohibits localities from enacting laws to protect people from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity and required that students at North Carolina schools use bathrooms matching their gender assignment at birth,” according to Huffington Post.


 This law passed last year in North Carolina and since its passage, the NCAA had moved seven championship events, including men’s NCAA basketball tournament games. The most recent game moved was a second-round game of the NCAA Tournament last week between Duke and South Carolina. Huffington Post reports that, “The game would have been played in Greensboro, but the NCAA moved it to Greenville, South Carolina, because of HB2.”


This law is also affecting the selection of other hosting events. Huffington Post reports that, “Next week, the NCAA will begin selecting the hosts of championship events that will be held between 2018 and 2022. North Carolina cities have submitted bids for many of those events. But if the state doesn’t repeal HB2 soon, it won’t win hosting rights for any of them.”

    In a recent statement from the NCAA, their reasoning is to “assure a safe, healthy, discrimination free atmosphere for all those watching and participating in our events.”

    Along with the NCAA boycotting North Carolina to host events, “the Atlantic Coast Conference relocated its championships from the state, and the NBA moved its 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte to New Orleans,” reported Huffington Post.

    The Governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper (D), in a recent statement said, “Today marks a dark anniversary for our state. For one year now, HB 2 has harmed our reputation and cost our economy thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars….I have offered numerous compromises and remain open to any deal that will bring jobs and sports back to North Carolina and begin to repair our reputation.”

    Along with Cooper, Mike Krzyzewski (Duke men’s basketball coach) and North Carolina coach Roy Williams, disagree with the HB2. Krzyzewski stated “Look, it’s a stupid thing. That’s my political statement. If I was president or governor I’d get rid of it.” And Williams had a similar stance, stating, “It should be about what’s right and wrong. And what we have now is wrong.”

    Hopefully, this stance of these public figures and associations against the state will push the North Carolina state Senate to work on a repeal against the HB2 in the future.


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