Eagles winning the Superbowl

posted Feb 20, 2018, 7:36 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

Devin Martin

    The 2018 Super Bowl was held in Minneapolis where the New England Patriots faced off against the Philadelphia Eagles. During the 1st and 2nd quarter the Eagles were in the lead against the Patriots however during the 3rd quarter it looked as though the Eagles would be no more. With a finishing score of 12-7 during the 3rd quarter. The Eagles would take no more they upped their game and finished the 4th quarter with a score of 12-7. Thus winning the super bowl with a final score of 41-33. Before this game the Eagles never have won the super bowl. For as well as he played Nick Foles was named the new MVP.

    For as well as they played you would think that Tom Brady would shake hands with Nick Foles right?....Wrong Tom Brady just walked right out of the field. He has been known to shake hand with players that have beat him before so why didn’t shake hands with Foles, no one really knows. Overall the Patriots and the Eagles played a really good game.  0