Jared Hancock going to Division 1 ODU

posted Mar 15, 2018, 7:49 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Mar 16, 2018, 6:50 AM ]

By: Shawn Taylor

      Committing to a Division 1 school is something every athlete dreams of when they start playing sports and when they are in their junior and senior year in high school. At pocomoke high school  senior Jared Hancock just recently committed to Old Dominion University on 9/3/17of last year.

      Jared said, “ ODU is close to home so my parents can come watch the games, the coaches are great, the team has a family feeling to it and it's a great program that can help me develop into a better player.” Being close to home is good for players going to college because it can be cheaper and it's better to see family and not become home sick and come back.

     Different colleges have had different players come out of the college and lot of them are MLB players now playing baseball for the rest of their life and colleges can be good for different recruits ODU can be said to have a good recruiting process Jared saying “ the coaches are great guys with proven success that makes you want to play for them”. “The program is very successful and has been for years, they have produced many great players such as Justin Verlander, Dan Hudson and many more players. He also said “ the recruiting process was hard at first to find a school with everything you wanted”. It took me a while to find a place that really says home”. “But I found that at ODU”.

     The feeling that you get when you accomplish something good in your life feels good to oneself,  it makes you feel like as if you've accomplished everything and chased your dream. It makes you as a person feel relaxed and less stressed out. Jared said “ it feels good, it gives you the feeling that some of your hard work is paying off but it's really all just getting started”.

     His SAT and ACT scores were both really good and allowed him to get accepted into ODU. His SAT was a 1070 and ACT was a 20. He finished by saying “My parents and coaches helped me the most in my recruitment process. They were all very supportive and put me in positions to have the chance to chase my dreams of playing at the next level.


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