Losing a Field Hockey Dream

posted Feb 20, 2018, 7:41 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Alexis Cullen

    The Pocomoke High School field hockey team is unlike other teams all around. The tradition that has been built from the ground up does lean on a very special person. Mrs. Susan Pusey is reliable for so many young girls taking on a sport that they now will cherish for the rest of their lives.

    In 2017, a group of girls who are on the Pocomoke field hockey team set out to meet their goal of a lifetime, which was to win the 1A State Championship. For some of the young athletes  it would have been their second championship.

    Going into the 2017 season, the team consisted of 9 seniors. Those seniors were very determined to make their last high school field hockey season one to remember. The girls continued to stick together through thick and thin, nothing could tear this team apart.

    After a constant battle with a team that knocked Pocomoke out the previous year, the team finally pulled together and beat Queen Anne’s field hockey team. Winning this game was so important because it was the Bayside Championship and the team secured that win and it was an epic feeling for the girls.

    Winning the Bayside game allowed the team to want the State Championship even more and they were excited to go down further on their journey.

    The Regional Finals came, which meant it was all or nothing. It was an interesting game to say the least, it was raining the majority of the time but that did not stop either team from going to get what they wanted.

    “What went through my head was that I was never going to get to play with my family again, but I knew that we fought until the buzzer rang,” said Samantha Dingus a senior on the Pocomoke field hockey team.

    It was a devastating night for the Pocomoke field hockey team, it was the last time some of those girls would walk on that field and play a high school game. The girls took a very long time to move on from the situation, a lot of tears were shed and heartbreak about the loss still lives on.

    Knowing that each and everyone of the teammates pushed out and gave it 110% throughout the entire game allows them to have closure.

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