No Sports In High School?

posted Jan 25, 2018, 8:39 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Chris Sanders

   Have you ever thought about how high school would be if there wasn’t any sort of sport activities involved in the everyday routine? It’s probably weird to think
   Any high school in America has some sort of sport activity if it is open to the public. Pocomoke High School does have sports and is a public school. Just changing
 one sport activity can knock down the attendance numbers for Pocomoke.

   Sometimes the sports bring in more students from other places so they can play in a public sport.

   Everything about a high school would change. Just think about all the things that would be different in a high school. No rivalries, no gyms, no weight rooms,
no fields. It wouldn’t feel right at all.
   Avion Gale is a student-athlete at Pocomoke High School and speaks about some of the things that go through his head when it comes to sports and it being
 apart of school to him.
   “I would feel that it would be boring because there wouldn't be anymore activities that they could do and if they had a talent then it would hard to show it to other
 schools and colleges.” Avion says.

   College’s only get there players from high school, you have to have a high school education and the grades to be able to play in college.

   And most of professional players come from college so if the high school level of sports fell out then the sport demand would become high.

   “If we didn’t have sports, I would have senioritis my freshman year.” Avion says.

   Participation in class and attendance of students would go down tremendously because of students only attending because of the requirements to play on the
team by attending school and keeping your grades up.


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