PHS freshman Varsity Player Charles Finney Interview

posted Feb 20, 2018, 7:48 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Diamonique Taylor

    Charles Finney started off as 1 of the starting 5 on the Pocomoke High School Junior Varsity Boys Basketball team. Finney was a devoted player to his squad, scoring point after point for his team’s victory.

    “Being on JV, I knew in order for me to get moved up during playoffs I had to work a lot harder.” Stated Finney.

    All of a sudden Coach Derrick Fooks decided to pull him up to the Varsity team. Finney received jersey number 10 on january 4th, 2018. The Pocomoke Boys Basketball team travelled to James M. Bennett Senior High School this day.

    “ I didn’t think I would get moved up until after playoffs. ” Said Finney.

    Finney is the only freshman Varsity player. As a freshman Finney has to put in more work every practice to prove to Coach fooks that he has what it takes to help the team in their victory.

    “It feels great being the only freshman on Varsity, but it made me very nervous the first game I played in.” Stated Finney.

    As the team continues their journey on to playoffs, they will all have to work together to get as far as possible. The team has had some ups and downs throughout the regular season, however teamwork does make the dream work. Finney will be an advantage to the team in playoffs.

    “I’m nervous about playoffs coming up, but I know to help my team through playoffs, I will have to shoot the ball more.” Said Finney.

    Being the only freshman on the Varsity team,  Finney does not have as many friends as he did on the Junior Varsity squad.

    “Sometimes I wish I were still a part of JV because I wish I had more time to play with my first team and to better myself for Varsity. I thought Coach was going to move me up when playoffs started.”

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