Playoff Time for Pocomoke High School Baseball

posted May 11, 2018, 7:36 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Shawn Taylor

      It's the month of May and the ending of the regular season for high school is coming to an end. What you should not sleep on is playoff time. The playoffs have started for the Pocomoke High School baseball team during the second week of May.

      During the season the pocomoke high school baseball team overall had a good season. The team finished out the season winning 11 games on the season and losing 8.

     Pocomoke High School baseball has a lot of talent with a lot of big bats in the line up

with tons of power. This whole week the Warriors have outscored opponents by 10 runs or more in the first playoff week.

    Senior Jared Hancock says, “Beating Washington was a great team win and it really gives us some momentum going into Saturday’s game against Snow Hill. I think we’ve got a good chance to win this game we’ve beat them twice but both have been close and we have to bring our A game.”

    Pocomoke baseball has not won the big games in playoffs for a while and beating Snow hill would be a big win to give Pocomoke a huge confidence booster. The biggest key to winning is the Warriors playing as a team and not giving up. If everyone plays together and does not think about themselves in situations the game will be successful and go in the favor of Pocomoke.

     Beating Snow Hill would be a huge upset  and would shock everyone in the Bayside Conference. It goes to show people that a team from a school of 300 can compete with a team with a school of 1,000. Getting through the second round of playoffs and advancing to the third would be a huge plus for Pocomoke giving them even more confidence that is needed.

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