posted Mar 10, 2017, 7:42 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Caleb Abbott

     Jesse Serig has been Pocomoke Baseball’s head coach for the past few years, along with his assistant coach, Mr. Becker. However, for different reasons, Mr. Serig has moved schools leaving the head coach position open. These are big shoes to fill, and the man for the job happened to be Mr. Becker. Mr. Becker is taking the job on with full force, and not only “teaching baseball”, but teaching life lessons as well.

    Mr. Becker has been the assistant coach for Pocomoke for a handful of years, but this is his first time being the head coach for this team. “It feels good to be coaching, after not coaching last year” Becker stated.

    Becker has a subdued style of coaching and feels that most of his players know how to play baseball already. “ My job is to keep my guys focused on baseball for just two hours everyday” Becker explained.

    Now we are about two weeks into the 2017 baseball. The team is preparing for the season, and their first game against Kent County on Tuesday, March 21. “Our upperclassmen have the experience and all of our pitchers look good. The main thing we need to work on is hitting and putting the ball in the play” Becker answered.

    Becker also has some solid goals for his team to meet this season. “ I would like to see max effort no matter what, class, sportsmanship, and comradery from them” he added.

    Mr. Becker has years of coaching experience, both head coach and assistant coach. With all of this experience it is an obvious choice when choosing a coach. “ I’ve been involved with coaching since high school, whether it was youth development all the way to the varsity level.” he said.

     Becker also a few mottos that he uses with his team almost every day. “Hear,listen, do” and “Oh, we don’t do that here”. He won't necessarily get on you, but just correct you and move on. Becker has a lot of experience and valuable knowledge to bring to the table, so it should be a good season for the team.

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