Pocomoke Girls Basketball Quickly Coming to an End

posted Feb 20, 2018, 7:45 AM by PHS Warrior Beat
By: Samantha Dingus

    The Lady Warriors basketball season ending is quickly approaching. Senior captain, Piajah Johnson has lead the team to many victories. The Lady Warriors have had 10 victories and 11 losses. They have learned a lot throughout the season and plan on continuing to better themselves.

    Piajah Johnson has been a key player for the Lady Warriors the past four years.

    “I’m sad about only having a few games left because these will be my last basketball games ever with this team,” Johnson says.

    Playing basketball has always been something Johnson enjoys. She loves the feeling of being apart of a team and being able to better not only herself but her teammates as well.

    “Winning games is definitely what I am going to miss the most,” said Johnson.

    Winning games is an amazing feeling to the Lady Warriors and makes them feel as if their hard work has paid off. They know that they have to work hard at every practice and even harder in every game in order to pull off a win.

    “Our toughest game this season was against Bennett, we lost by 9 points,” says Johnson.

    After facing the Bennett Clippers and coming short to them by just nine points, the Lady Warriors realized then that it’s not always about stats and wins, it’s about coming out to the game with intensity in order to strive and coming together as a team.

    “Each player always needs to give 110% every game,” Johnson tells us.

    In order to strive the Lady Warriors have to come together on and off the court. They come together on game days and eat lunch and talk strategy for the game.

    Johnson continues everyday to push her teammates to become the players she knows they can be.

    “My best game this season was against North Dorchester, I had 22 points and 22 renounds,” said Johnson.

    She knows that being apart of the team isn’t about personal stats, but she was very proud of the stats she earned against North Dorchester, she knows that she couldn’t have been able to do it without her teammates.

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