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By: Marcdalinda Lochard


    Every School has that arch “enemy” that they wants to beat in sports. When those two teams are playing, either in Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball, Fotball, Field Hockey or Basketball, that game will be the most intense game and there are usually lots of people that goes to that game. Sports rivalries are like Coke vs. Pepsi or like Iphones vs. Androids, where people can argue all day about which team or thing  is better, some would even put money on teams.

   In almost every high school you go to, there’s always a rivalry between another school or schools. It might be on sports or which school or town is better. Every team wants to be on top, no one wants to lose, every one wants to leave with a W, and  its not always the case. “Stephen Decatur, washington, and Bennett are Pocomoke High “rivalries” said Avion Gale. when basketball season comes, all the schools are ready to battle head to head to take that win. There’s also pressure on the basketball team to make sure they beat the other school. “ A Lot of people comes to support us when we play team like them” said Gale.

   The games don't always end peacefully. Someone on the team will get mad and who knows what might happened. During the Warriors vs. the Seahawks “ last year a fight broke out between us and some of our players got suspended” said Gale.

   “Each year both teams get better, and if one loses one year than the next year that team feels like they have to win next year” said Gale. you win some and you lose some, but it is always important to win, but how important is it to win in a high school basketball game? “Last year we played against washington and came out with a win, but we also played Stephen Decatur and lost, “winning places us first seed in the play off, me and my team are ready to play Stephen Decator”.

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