Strong Start To Tennis Season For a Pocomoke High School Junior

posted Mar 28, 2018, 7:31 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

Cristen Quillen

    Cammie Mottley is a junior this year at Pocomoke High School. Mottley has focused most of her attention throughout her life so far on the sport of field hockey.

    “Hopefully if everything works out the way it's supposed to, I will be playing field hockey throughout my college career,” stated Mottley. “Hockey has always been my passion since I was young and I have always had a sense of confidence and the ability to know what I was doing each time the ball was passed to me, said Mottley.”

    There is no doubt that Cammie Mottlet is both fierce and strong at the sport of hockey but the unique thing about Mottley is her ability to play two other sports besides hockey. Cammie is also a part of the girl’s tennis and girl’s basketball team at Pocomoke High School.

Image result for Cammie mottley     In her spring season this year, Mottley has come out strong and is beginning to make a name for herself in the sport.

    “I have been on the tennis team for three years now and I personally believe from freshman year to now my junior year, I have made improvements,” stated Mottley. “I know that I am not as strong in the sport of tennis as I am with field hockey but that does not stop me from working hard every day at practice as well as having a determined mindset,” Mottley also stated.

    During her very first match of the season, Cammie Mottley fell just a little short from the victory to a number two seed at Parkside High School, but since that loss, Mottley has gone on a winning streak beating a girl from the Wicomico High School tennis team, a girl from Stephen Decatur High School, and a girl from Snow Hill High School.

    “With winning three matched since my first match, I personally have gained more confidence in myself and the hard work I have been putting in each day at practice.” said Mottley.

    Mottley stated, “This year’s season already feels better and stronger than my sophomore season and I am definitely more excited and motivated then last season, I WANT TO WIN STATES.”

    Cammie Mottley is an example to a lot of athletes to dream big and understand that nothing is impossible.

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