Taking the Responsibility

posted Feb 21, 2018, 7:22 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Cristen Quillen

    At Pocomoke High School the sport of field hockey has always been successful, filled with both pride and the tradition that started it all. Success doesn't just come easy, it takes responsibility hard work, and a complete team effort.  

    The 2017 Pocomoke field hockey team won the Bayside Championship, being led by a huge senior class of nine girls, leaving two seniors and three starters to take on the responsibility for the upcoming season. Having just two seniors and three starters from a previous team can be stressful and a lot of responsibility on each one of those girls, but hard work and determination can overcome any situation.

    One of the two seniors that will be apart of the 2018 Pocomoke hockey team is Cammie Mottley, a bright young lady who has been apart of the tradition ever since she was little and on the hockey team since her freshman year.

    “Losing a class of nine seniors is very nerve racking, they led by example and helped the whole team stay accountable, which will now be the task of us girls who will be playing next season,” said Mottley.

    The field hockey team accomplished their goal of winning the Bayside Championship but had their season ended abruptly and unexpectedly when they lost to Crisfield in their sectional final game.

    “Our goal was to win states this year,” stated Mottley, “Everything felt right, we were all pushing so hard and taking responsibility and accountability and it just didn’t work out the way we had planned.” “States was ours, losing has only motivated me to win it all this upcoming season.”

    Senior year comes with a lot of responsibility especially when you are a senior on a dominant sports team and are expected to lead, it can be stressful.

    “I am one of two seniors that will be on the hockey team next season and that it going to take a lot of responsibility out of both me and Victoria, but I truly believe that we can both as seniors come together and lead this team, I’m excited,” said Mottley. Victoria Payne is the other senior that will be leading with Cammie Motley during the 2018 season.

    As stated before success just doesn’t come it takes so much more than that and that is what separates some teams from being good to being great.\

    “It is going to take hard wok out of every single one of us, it is not going to be easy we have to fill six spots but we have the tradition built into each of us and were going to have to truly be a family and come in the very first day of practice ready to work,” proclaimed Mottley.

    “It going to also take a lot of work out of Vic and I as seniors, we have to lead by example and no matter what be completely accountable in every situation,” Mottley stated.

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