Volleyball New Coaches

posted Nov 7, 2017, 6:51 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Michaela Redden

    The school's volleyball team is undergoing some changes as they finish up there last year having Mr.Paul Becker as their coach. Becker will no longer be coaching the girls volleyball team as this is his daughter last year in high school and wants to be able to see her play field hockey in college and support her. However he isn't leaving the girls with no help, he has recruited two new coaches to take over after this year.

     Mrs. Fitzgerald and Miss.Ortiz will be the new coaches for the school's volleyball team while Beaker will be helping middle school girls that want to play volleyball in high school.But who are the new coaches, how do the girls feel about the changes that have been happening? How is everyone adjusting to the new changes overall.

    This season Fitzgerald and Ortiz have had the chance to come and start working with the girls in practice and during games. In the start of the season Becker was full into being the coach but as the season has gone on he has backed away and allowed the two new coaches to do their own thing.” They've been through the program they've played the game they know what they are doing” Becker said.

    The question is how do the girls feel about the change that is coming starting officially next year? According to Ashanti Burrell she is very upset that coach Becker is leaving them. Burrell has played on the team for 2 years now and sadly doesn't think she will be returning next year. Burrell isn't the only player who feels bad about Becker leaving Maura Dean also expressed how she felt, “ I’m sad that he is leaving us but i understand as it is his daughter last year he and he wants to be able to go and see her play in college and won't be able to as much if he was to coach due to our games” Dean said.

    “ I'm actually looking forward to next year, being able to learn some new skills and drills and actually be able to do what some of the other schools are able to do” says Mykal Schoolfield.

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