What is it Going to Take for the Pocomoke Baseball Team to be Succussful?

posted Mar 9, 2018, 7:01 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Mar 9, 2018, 7:22 AM ]

Crsiten Quillen

     Baseball season at Pocomoke High School and of course all other high schools began last week on March 1st. As a couple of days of tryouts have gotten under the belt of  both the players and the coaches, the team and the positions that need to be filled have started to form.

    A major key to sports is the the competitive nature that surrounds that atmosphere during games and competition. As an athlete, one never wants to lose but not everyone takes into consideration the hard work and effort that must take place in order to be successful.

    “In order to be truly successful this year, we must all come together not just some of us but all of us as a team to work hard,” stated a junior on the baseball team at PImage result for pocomoke high school baseballocomoke High School Shawn Taylor. “As one unit we must hold each and every player on the team to the same standard, if we are told to run sprints ever one needs to run them with 100% effort and the same intensity as the player next to them,” said Taylor.

    Another player on the Pocomoke baseball team who is a senior, Brayden Hurley stated, “ As one of the seniors on the team, I do believe that it will take a lot of both hard work and accountability from our class. “ If we want everyone else on the team to not only work hard but also cooperate with each other, we as a senior class must do the same thing by leading by example,” said Hurley.

     The two year coach of the Pocomoke baseball team, Paul Becker, stated, “ In order to be successful this year, it is going to take four key things; good pitching, timely hitting, the team truly buying in to what the other coaches and I are teaching, and for the boys to work as one unit.”

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