With Teamwork & Drive, Snow Hill Comes Out With A Win

posted Nov 3, 2017, 7:33 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

With Teamwork & Drive, Snow Hill Comes Out With A Win

By: Avion Gale

   In every sport, the major key on winning games is to work hard as a team. Every sport is like a puzzle. If one of the pieces isn’t on the right track the others aren’t either. Football is one of the most physical sports played and each player needs to be careful because many injuries can happen. The Snow Hill Eagles are considered the “ underdogs “ in football history on the Eastern Shore because of past years not winning any games at all in a season.

  This all changed on Oct. 20, 2017 when Snow Hill Eagles faced off against Washington Jaguars. This was Snow Hill’s senior game and they needed a win to boost their confidence back up for their first playoff game. Thursday night in three whole years without winning a single game, the Eagles scored 35 to 29 against their rivals, the Washington Jaguars.

   Snow Hill’s coach, Tim Richo said “Those guys left everything on the field tonight. Tonight was our senior night. The guys worked hard in practice and did it for the seniors. It feels great knowing that the seniors (can take this win). In our first year, the seniors were sophomores. So just for them to leave here without a goose egg, it’s big. The last couple years, I felt like we let our seniors down. It’s a great gift. It’s a great feeling for the seniors.” This showed that the seniors really cared about the game of football and to show other schools that they can still compete with any of them.

   A senior named A-monty Allen that loves the game of football went to Snow Hill his sophomore year of high school. Allen has played for the Snow Hill Eagles for three years without winning a game but now that they have beaten the Washington Jaguars, he says “We needed a win on this new field after three years. I’m very proud of my team. I can’t wait to get back to practice on Monday to start fresh,”

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