Are Dual Enrollment Classes Truly an Advantage?

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Cristen Quillen

    A Dual Enrollment course is a program that allows high school students, most likely upperclassmen, to enroll in college courses for credit prior to high school graduation.

    At Pocomoke High school both AP and Dual Enrollment courses are offered to students, allowing for multiple opportunities with obtaining a high GPA and college credits. The students at Pocomoke High School are exposed to a wide variety of both AP and Dual Enrollment classes including AP Biology, statistics, psychology, U.S history, calculus, computer science ,world history,  Dual Enrollment chemistry, environmental science, and college writing.

    For Pocomoke High School students, taking a Dual Enrollment course allows for them to earn a college credit in the course taken if a 70% or higher is earned throughout the semester. Some students prefer a Dual Enrollment course because with the AP course in order to earn a college credit, the student must pass the test for that class and some kids are not good test takers and even obtain anxiety when it comes to having to take a test. Image result for dual enrollment

    A senior at Pocomoke High School named Devin Thompson stated, “ I personally like and enjoy Dual Enrollment classes because I believe that I will truly benefit from them and be successful in college.”

    “Dual Enrollment classes are challenging but the work that comes with the class is the work that I will have to do when I go to college next year, so it is preparing me to be successful in college,” stated Thompson.

     “Personally the Dual Enrollment courses that are offered to me at Pocomoke truly give me a challenge and I like being challenged so I can prove to myself my true capability,” said at Pocomoke High School senior Cali Linton.

     “ Linton also stated, “ I like that I am guaranteed the credit for college as long as I achieve a 70% or higher in the class, and that I do not have to worry about taking a test and passing it or not.”

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