Authentic vs. Fake

posted Mar 7, 2018, 6:51 AM by PHS Warrior Beat
By: Jordan Croswell

    ThroughoSee the source imageut the years photography has changed for the better. Many photographers use lighting, makeup, and computers to make their pictures eye catching. But before computers were able to edit pictures, people took pictures of strangers during random moments.

     Photographers like Peter Stewart, Christophe Gilbert, and Erik Alms tend to manipulate the use of photoshop in their photos. Photos should be authentic, not forced. Everything in the picture should not be perfect or placed in a certain way that’ll make it seem fabulous.

    Joel Meyerowitz is a famous portrait and landscape photographer. During 1962, he started photographing in color. Around that time the use of color in photographs were debated on whether it was serious art. He began using color because to him it’s the most natural way of making photographs.

    When Meyerowitz first started taking pictures he was inspired by Robert Frank and later on worked with Garry Winogrand. He was attracted to Frank’s movements that took place while he was trying to take a picture. Winogrand’s art is simply described as frenetic and gloomy. Both photographers gave Meyerowitz an idea that inspired him.

    “Street photography was the only form of the medium that owed nothing to painting nor to the other plastic arts. It is purely photographic,” said Meyerowitz.

    Photos should be bona fide. The use of photoshop should never cover the real image. When taking photos you should catch people at random moments. You should look around to see what inspires you. There is no such thing as a perfect picture. Certain pictures are easy to make but hard to see.




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