Break in the Middle of Class

posted Oct 19, 2017, 6:47 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Justin Cunha

    Sophomore at Pocomoke High School believes students should have a 5 minute break in each class to do what they want. His name is Matthew Krystofiak. Krystofiak had said “ If i had time in the middle of class to do what i want, i wouldn't be disruptive or obnoxious when the teacher is trying to teach our class. “

    Simply, you can do a lot of stuff in five minutes. Krystofiak had also mentioned, “ A lot of people would go to the bathroom in that time, meaning they don’t have to leave when the teacher is teaching, so they don’t miss out on key material.” This will be good for the teachers as well.

    French teacher at Pocomoke High School gives his students 5 minutes in the middle of class to do what they need to do. “ Students must go to the bathroom in that time and/or do notes they missed the day before, if they don’t have to do either they have free time to play on their phone.”

    Students can not work at their hardest ability for a full hour and a half. Krystofiak had been asked “ Do you ever get bored/tired learning about the same subject for an hour and a half?” He replied with, “Yes, I find myself looking at the clock all the time after 1 hour has past.” The five minute break could be a compromise between the teacher and his/her students.

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