Bullying On The Rise Again

posted Nov 9, 2017, 7:51 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By:Michaela Redden

    Bullying for some may not seem like a big problem as it has not affected them directly. To others it something that they have to deal with everyday. This week young Kaitlyn Purnell took her own life after being bullied in school. This came as a shock and hurt to many people that were close to her.

    Here we are very vocal on not tolerating any form of bullying. We want to think that our students and staff here don't have to worry about being bullied but how much bullying really goes on and just doesn't get reported or maybe in worse case nothing done about it.

    According to Jasmine Richardson bullying is an issue here but not a very big one. Richardson also states “If I see someone being bullied I go over and check on the person and ask them if they would like me to go tell someone or not, It’s their business and some people might not want other people to know.”

    However, some people have a different view on bullying here. A stakeholder within the school shared that sometimes they don’t even feel safe coming here and that bullying is somewhat of a problem here. The source also states “ when it comes to handling bullying our school ignores it and actually makes it worse in some cases, now the bullies know how to do it and not get caught.”

    Both Richardson, and the source, state that, they felt terrible and hurt after finding out about the young girl who took her life due to bullying. “ Its sad she ended her life because the bullies don't care” states the source.

    “People shouldn't bully others because you never know what they are going through” according to Richardson. “Sometimes it's that one little thing that you say to someone that can push them over, never know what's going on at home and bullying just makes it worse” according to the source.

    It might be hard for some people to fathom that a school where bullying is so against and so vocally against that it still goes on and and it's not just a small problem.

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