Choosing the Superior Phone

posted Jan 18, 2019, 7:49 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: John Sigrist

    Choosing the right phone can be a difficult decision for those who have no idea what to look for. There are many different phones out there but none compare to the phones with the Android OS, specifically Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones. It trumps any Apple phone with its better hardware, specs, and customizability.

    The Samsung Galaxy S9 has specs that are far better than the latest iPhone. With octa-core performance, 4GB of ram, 3000mAh battery, and a 12MP camera, the Galaxy S9 beats the latest iPhone, the iPhone XR, in every way. Not only does the Galaxy S9 have 64GB of onboard storage, but it also has something that the iPhone simply does not have, which is expandable storage. It has up to 400GB of expandable storage with an SD card, not to mention it also has cloud storage capabilities.

    The hardware capabilities of the Galaxy S9 also far surpass those of the iPhone XR, if any at all. It features wireless and fast charging with the use of a USB-C adapter, which is universally supported by many other products. Unfortunately for iPhone users, if you want to connect your phone to a computer, you’ll need to use the lightning cable that is only supported by Apple products. Some apple products do not even support the lightning cable. The latest MacBook charges through a USB-C port, making iPhone users buy an adapter if they want to directly plug their phone into their Macbook. Another major hardware capability of the Galaxy is the built-in audio jack. If you ever wanted to charge your phone and plug in your headphones at the same time, then you’ll love the built-in audio jack of the Galaxy S9.  Good luck to iPhone users who have to choose to either listen to music, charge their phone, or go out and buy one of the expensive adapters or Airpods, further draining your wallet for that “Apple” name.

    The USB-C port of the Galaxy allows for access to many other peripherals that can be used with the phone. From keyboards to mice, to projectors, a wide assortment of add-ons can be plugged into the universal USB-C port of the Galaxy S9.

    There are many ways to unlock your phone using the Galaxy S9. Some are more secure than others, and some are not even featured on the latest iPhone. You can use a standard pin, a pattern, or a password to lock your phone, but the Galaxy S9 features much more than that, however. You can choose from fingerprint and facial recognition locks for your phone. One feature that isn’t featured in the latest iPhone is the retina scanner, which is one of the most secure ways to lock your phone.

    The Android OS also features a true file system in its machines. If you plug in your iPhone to your computer, you’ll have to download the iTunes program on your computer and even then you can only move media files to and from your computer. When you plug in your Android device into your computer, it functions as an external drive, allowing you to move the files you want from your phone into the files on your computer and vice versa.

    One of the best features of the Android OS is the back button. Ever tap on a link you didn’t mean to go to? Ever just want to go back to the app you were on a second ago? The back button allows users to return to the previous place they were no matter where you are. On iPhones however, you have to find the contextual back arrow that takes you back, there is no universal back button.

    Some say that iPhones are much more user-friendly than android phones, and this is true. The problem is that you have to use the phone the way Apple wants you to use it. Which is good for older people who don’t use technology a lot, but bad for those who want more out of their phone than just talk and text.

    Looking at the specs alone the Samsung Galaxy S9 blows the latest iPhone away. It has much more customizability options and is much cheaper than the latest iPhone. Android phones are clearly the best choice of phone for those who want to save money and have a powerful device.  

Date: 1/17/19

Edited By: TB

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