Christmas Break

posted Dec 20, 2017, 7:32 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Noel Houston

    Students have been waiting on Christmas break since forever. Now that it’s around the corner students have been so ready to enjoy their Christmas and their break. Some have even left a week before break for their Christmas vacation.

    There are students who feel their break should be longer and others who feel like a break is a break, and they’re just ready to enjoy it. Next week, Christmas break begins. The last day before break, Thursday, will be a half day for students.

    There are students hoping for snow, so that Christmas can feel more like Christmas, for those who are used to having a snowy Christmas. Speaking of a snowy Christmas, there may be some students who are going to be spending their Christmas break making up incomplete work.

    Christmas break should be a time for students to enjoy time with family or friends and have fun. Having to complete missing or incomplete work isn’t something anyone wants to be worried about during this time of year.

    “Some way some how, find a way to make it up between what’s important and what can be done later,” said Pocomoke High School Sophomore, September Morris. “Know your priorities. It's your choice. But just know whatever you chose has an outcome, you either choose to get good grades or have fun but fail,” she said.  

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