Christmas is Almost Here!

posted Dec 15, 2017, 7:31 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By: Justin Cunha

    Do you get any holiday spirits? This Winter Break is coming very soon. Everybody is starting to have the Holiday spirit. For example, they are listening to Christmas songs and watching their favorite Christmas movies.

    Winter break gives students a quite of bit time off of school as well. Most people spend this time with their family and friends. Whether you are watching movies, or listening to songs about Christmas, that time is spent with laughter and joy.

    Sophomore, Traver Merchant’s favorite holiday is Christmas. “I like watching my little siblings open their gifts and scream with happiness, whenever they get something they put on their Santa’s wish list. I make a list first to encourage them to do their own. I also help them make “Santa” cookies and milk.But you can never forget to feed “Santa’s Reindeer.” That is what Christmas time is like for me.”

    Sophomore Cheyenne Moats, enjoys to watch “Elf”, and “The Christmas Story” on repeat. Moats said, “My favorite movie in general is “Elf”. Debatably one of the funniest movies of all time, at least on my list.” “Elf” is always a good movie to get you in the Christmas spirits.

    These Pocomoke High Schoolers know Santa is not real but they still get the Christmas spirits every time right after Thanksgiving. For Moats, that started the day of Thanksgiving because her family put up their Christmas tree together after their feast that day.

    For the people who don’t celebrate Christmas or any other holidays, they like to see everybody in the spirit no matter what. It is a good time of year for everybody. Besides people like the “Grinch”.