Common Core Isn’t So Common

posted Oct 24, 2017, 7:13 AM by PHS Warrior Beat   [ updated Oct 24, 2017, 7:22 AM ]
By: Tatyana Waters

    Freshman, Ki’Jhae Bull, feels that the common core curriculum has it’s pros and cons since she’s “fresh” into her freshman year. The curriculum can sometimes be beneficial to some students who attempt to see the best in learning.

    “It’s harder than middle school, but you begin to understand the work eventually,” said Bull. She feels the curriculum is beneficial because she can learn new things and the work is more in detail.

Learning with common core can be quite a challenge for most students because all of the work requires more steps. “It will benefit me in the future. Life gets harder and you don’t want everything to be easy,” said Bull.

    The common core curriculum has changed some viewpoints of students for their college careers. Bull thinks different than some of the kids in her class. “No. I still want to go to college. I want to major in nursing so the work now will benefit me in college,” said Bull.

    As an incoming freshman, Bull definitely feels the change from middle school to high school. The work is a bit more intense than what she is used to. “I have to study more,” said Bull.

    The county feels the curriculum is quite beneficial, especially for high school students. “Yes, because you don’t want everything to come easy for you,” said Bull. She manages to keep her grades on average and still play sports.

    Keeping friendships in school can also be challenging when you have less time to hang out because you have to study more. Friends can also have different ways to complete their work. “They think it’s harder. It’s generally high school so there isn’t much of a difference,” said Bull.

    “It’s not easy but I can manage my grades and still do well in school with the curriculum being more difficult,” said Bull. Being a freshman, she’s on the right path to success with such an immense curriculum.

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