Dog Park in Pocomoke?

posted Oct 18, 2017, 6:57 AM by PHS Warrior Beat

By Ashleigh Dillon

    People in Pocomoke have dogs but, we don’t have a place to let our dogs run with other dogs. Chincoteague has petitioned a dog park so why not Pocomoke. The closest dog park is in Captain’s Cove. Some people aren't going to want to drive there. Chincoteague is a resort town so it’ll get crowded in the spring/summer time. A dog park could easily be placed where Cypress Park is.

    Whitney Northam,senior, has a rottweiler/lab mix named Ace. Her dad has a large yard for Ace to run around in but, that’s it. Northam thinks a good place to put a dog park would be Cypress Park. She would like a section for big dogs and a section for small dogs.

    Ace is usually nervous around people and other dogs. According to Northam, “...he was abused as a puppy before we got him.”

    Since there is a dog park already being built in Chincoteague, Northam would like to take Ace there and maybe even closer. Northam believes a dog park could help people connect with each other. She also believes Ace can become more social if a dog park is built.

    Now to get a dog park we need city hall to pass it. Northam thinks a petition would be a good idea.

    Northam knows people with dogs who would be happy if a dog park was built in Pocomoke. What do you think?

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